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How to Become a Member:

When you join our Wash Club and purchase Automatic Touch Free Laser Car Washes online, you will automatically become a Wash Club Member. At that time, you will receive a Member Number and a Wash Code that will be available for immediate use at Rapid Laser Wash through our Automatic Access Machines which are located outside of our Automatic Touch Free Laser Wash Bays. To use, just press "Wash Code" on the Access Machine and follow the prompts.

After you become a Member and purchase your Wash Code, you will be able to print a handy wallet card that will have your Member Number and Wash Code displayed on it for your convenience.

At any time after you become a Wash Club Member, you can log on to www.rapidlaserwash.com and log in to your personal account on our Home Page to view your Current Wash Balance, Account Activity, or Purchase Additional Washes.

Are you already a member or would like to join our Wash Club?
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